ITR AGRI is the specialized line of replacement parts for tractors and harvesters distributed by Barani Natale & Figli.

Barani Natale & Figli was founded over 50 years ago in the heart of Italy's Motor Valley as a supplier of original replacement parts for agricultural tractors. Well established in the Reggio Emilia area, the company soon became a point of reference for the local machine-shops and spare parts dealers.

In 2013, Barani Natale & Figli became part of the USCO ITR Group, global leader in the field of replacement parts for earth-moving machines, and launched ITR AGRI, the aftermarket line dedicated to the agricultural sector.

ITR AGRI combines the product-related technical expertise and extensive knowledge of the agriculture market possessed by the Barani Natale & Figli team, with the commercial viability, field-sales and logistics strength acquired at international level by USCO ITR in the earth-moving industry.

With the support of USCO ITR, Barani Natale & Figli now focuses on expanding the ITR AGRI line by offering a quality service in terms of availability of products in stock, tight lead times and expert technical support.

Barani Natale & Figli is now able to provide a full range of both original and aftermarket parts.

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